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Appointments Review Group Charter

The ARG Charter outlines the role of the ARG within the NCAR Ladder-Track Appointments Process and the relationship between the ARG and the NCAR Director. The Charter also defines the process for adoption and amendment of the Charter.

ARG Bylaws

The ARG Bylaws outline rules of conduct and internal governance for the ARG including the roles and responsibilities of ARG officers, members, and committee members, election of officers, selection of members, quorums, voting, and the process for adoption and amendment of the Bylaws.

ARG Standing Rules

The ARG Standing Rules list specific rules and procedures by which the ARG conducts its activities. (The process for adoption and amendment of the Standing Rules is given in the ARG Bylaws).

Directorate Standing Rules and Procedures

The Direcotrate Standing Rules and Procedures describe the Ladder-Track level III and senior level nomination process, Directorate roles and procedures, the annual appointment review cycle calendar, solicitation of referee letters, communication with the Board of Trustees and final appointment procedures.

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