Appointments Review Group:

The NCAR Director charges the Appointments Review Group (ARG) with conducting a review of level III and senior level scientific and research engineering candidates for promotion. Using a consistently applied, rigorous review of the individual accomplishments of the candidates within NCAR policy and procedures, the ARG makes recommendations for promotion to the NCAR Director.

Directors’ Committee

The NCAR Directors' Committee is responsible for scientific advising and facilitating cross-curring science.

Diversity Committee:

The mission of the Diversity Committee is to increase the diversity of the UCAR/NCAR/UCP staff and contribute to enhancing diversity in the geosciences.

Executive Committee:

The NCAR Executive Committee is responsible for strategic management and budgetary oversight, representing NCAR to the outside community, and facilitating cross-cutting science.

Human Subjects Committee:

UCAR has established a Human Studies Committee (HSC) as its Institutional Review Board (IRB) to review, approve, authorize and act on behalf of UCAR in every manner required by the federal regulations, guidelines and procedures to protect the interests of human subjects.

Lab/Observatory Advisory Committees:

A listing of advisory committees for NCAR's Laboratories and Observatory.

NCAR Advisory Panel

The NCAR Advisory Panel is composed of leading scientists and users of NCAR facilities and tools. All of its members have a broad view and deep understanding of the field, where it is going, and the role of NCAR within it.