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NCAR Metrics Frequently Asked Questions

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Why do we need to report on metrics?

We are committed to collecting and reporting on a comprehensive set of performance objectives and metrics to help our staff, management, NSF, and our other sponsors in a variety of ways—for internal purposes like writing a CV, preparing for performance reviews, strategic planning, and resource allocation; and for external purposes, such as measuring our scientific impact, facilitating comparisons with other organizations, documenting our contributions to our community, and creating accountability for congressional and tax payers’ investments in atmospheric and related sciences.  

Our Cooperative Agreement with NSF requires regular reporting on performance metrics and they are required components of the NSF NCAR Science Reviews and NSF UCAR Management reviews.  We report metrics in the annual Program Operating Plans to NSF and our NCAR and Lab Annual reports.  We also share our metrics with our UCAR member institutions and the UCAR Board of Trustees.  With the enhanced reporting features in the Metrics Dbase labs and individuals can now run reports on all the metrics categories for performance reporting and staff have the option to display their metrics in their staff directory pages in multiple formats including text, charts and graphs and maps.  

What should I do if I can’t find the institution I teach at in the AutoComplete Institution list?

If you can’t find an institution by typing its name into the field, first try to search on the unique words in the institution name, and also try the native language of the institution.  If you still can't find the institution, contact Konnie Phillips to have the institution name added to the database.

For the "Presentations" Metrics, if there are multiple NCAR/UCAR authors of a presentation, who should enter the data and how do we acknowledge all the authors/contributors?

The first NCAR/UCAR author  is responsible for the data entry and acknowledging the other author's/contributors and roles in the note field.   There should be only one entry per presentation in the metrics database.

If the presentation is uploaded into OpenSky also, enter all of the authors individually in the data entry form fields for a full citation record.  Per our legal counsel, the presentation is the intellectual property of all the authors so we ask that the first NCAR/UCAR author upload the presentation into OpenSky to reduce the chance of duplicate entries.

For the "Presentations" Metrics, what if the first author of a presentation is an external person and I am the second author, should I still enter it in the metrics database?

Yes.  The first NCAR/UCAR author is responsible for the data entry and acknowledging the other author's/contributors and roles in the note field.  

For the "Presentations" Metrics, should everyone who participates in a poster enter the poster into the database in a separate entry under their name?

Only the first NCAR Author should enter their name and the poster details into the database.  The first author should identify the other authors in the notes field.  If the first author would like to upload the poster into OpenSky, just answer yes to the upload question and formally enter all the authors for an accurate citation. 

In the "Teaching or Training at Workshops/Tutorials/Colloquia" Metrics, what should I enter in the “Position Title” field ?

Please enter the title of the teaching role (e.g. instructor, faculty, etc.)