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For information on the latest features and helpful hints on data entry: 

Contact Konnie Phillips at ext. 1101 or with questions.

User Instructions

Updated: September 9, 2020

Welcome to the Metrics Database. All UCAR staff can log in and enter metrics data with a CIT login and password.  The public can view, search, and export the data.

Any CIT password holder can:

  • Enter data
  • Edit their own entries
  • View own entries
  • View and export all data

Super Users/Metrics Administrators can:

  • Enter data
  • Edit any entry
  • View and export all data


The Index page displays the current 14 total categories, including 11 individual staff member-level metrics categories, and 3 Lab/Observatory/Program-level metrics categories.. Please refer to the Metrics Data section below for more information. Each metric is also described at the top of the individual metric page.

To enter data:

  1. Click on "add new"
  2. The page will display the five most recent entries and a blank data entry form.
  3. Most forms in the "Individual Staff Metrics" category will start with asking you to search on last name in the "Search Last Name" field. There has been an issue when filling in last names when the auto-fill feature is on. Please refer to the help document to disable.
    1. Begin typing the last name, and the form field will search the People Database and present you with a list of employee names to select from.  In the graphic below, the field "Search Last Name" (red arrow points to it) is where you type the last name, and below that the fields "Employee Last Name" and "Employee First Name" (fields circled in red) display the name you select from the database search results:
  4. Many metrics include Search Institution feature: e.g. Fellowships has a field called "Search Awarding External Entity." Type a unique part of the name or the initials into this search field, and the field will search the institutions database and present you with a list of entities to select from.  In the graphic below, the field "Search Awarding External Entity" (red arrow points to it) is where you type the last name, and below that the field "Awarding External Entity" (field circled in red) shows the database search results:
  5. Enter all required data (required data is labeled with an *)
  6. Click on submit to save the data
  7. After saving the record, the page will display the last five records updated for the individual.

To view/search/filter/sort data:

  1. Click on "view all entries" or "view my entries"
  2. To set the number of records to view, select a number from the dropdown list on the left side of the screen
  3. To show/hide columns, check or uncheck from the list of fields displaed after clicking on the Show/hide columns button on the top right side of the screen
  4. Use the right/left scroll bars located on both the top and bottom of the page to view all the data columns available
  5. Move between pages of data by using the pagination buttons on the top and bottom of the screen view
  6. Search for specific text or names by entering text or numbers into the search field at the top of the page
  7. Filter or search within a column of data using the search field at the top of each column
  8. Sort each column by clicking on the up/down arrows next to the column header
  9. To export the data into an Excel document, click on the "Excel" button on the top right side of the page.  (Applying filgers/searches/sorts will limit the data exported.) 
  10. To go back to the Metrics Homepage, click on "Metrics Home" in the top menu.

To view/edit/delete your submissions (or any submission if you are a Super User):

  1. Click on "view all entries" or "view my entries"
  2. The “Updated by” Column is on the far left side of the page. Choose the function from the list shown under the creator name: "edit | delete"
  3. To edit, click on "edit." The page then displays the 5 most recent entries created by that user, with the selected record highlighted in red.  Edit the data, and click on "submit."
  4. To delete a record, click on "delete". The database will ask: "Are you sure you wish to delete this Metric?" If yes, click on CONFIRM DELETE.
  5. Apply filters or sort the data using any of the search or filter options.

Metrics Reports and Exporting

To Filter by Fiscal Year:

  1. Enter the fiscal year inthe Filter Fiscal Year field at the top of the page .  Only records with dates in that fiscal year will display.

To Subtotal Data Within a Metrics Category:

  1. Apply filters or search using any of the filter or search options
  2. Select a field name from the list in the Subtotal by field at the top of the page 
  3. A window with the subtotal counts for the selected field will display
  4. To export the subtotal counts, click on "Export to Excel" in the upper right hand corner of the subtotal count display.   This export does not include the individual data records, only the subtotal counts.

To Search on Names, Orgs, Locations, or FY in All the Metrics Categories and Export the Results into Excel:

  1. Click on Reports in the top navigation
  2. Click on Reports Across All Metrics
  3. Search for names and/or select filters in one or more fields
  4. Click on submit
  5. The results will display below the report form
  6. To export to Excel – click on the Download Excel button
    1. The Excel workbook document will have separate worksheet for each metric category

To Export Data from the View All Entries or View My Entries Page:

  1. In the regular View all Entries or View My Entries page, apply filters or sort the data
  2. To export data into an Excel document, click on  the “Excel” button on the top right side of the page. The filters/searches/sorts will limit the data exported


Individual Staff Metrics

EditorshipsAn editorship is an editor role at a science, engineering or professional journal.
External Awards and HonorsHonors and awards from external institutions. Note: Please report fellowships in the Fellowships category.
Internal Awards and HonorsUCAR Distinguished Achievement and Outstanding Accomplishment Awards. Note: Refer to Policy 6-14 Employee Recognition Awards for details.
FellowshipsThese fellowships are external awards of funding or support related to work activities.
K-12 Activities (excluding presentations)Examples of K-12 Activities may include but is not limited to direct work with a specific class or group of K-12 students including developing curriculum, mentoring, helping teachers, conducting tours, and participating in field trips or school-based science fairs. Note: This category does not include presentations. Please report K-12 presentations in the Presentations metric.
PresentationsAny formal talk or poster delivered by a staff member first author.
Service on External CommitteesService on External Committees includes participation on or leadership of external committees that are critical to advancing and promoting the work of our scientific, technical and professional communities. Report internal committees contributions in the Service on Internal Committees metric. 
Service on Internal CommitteesService on internal committees includes participation or leadership of internal scientific, technical, policy and educational committees that are critical to advancing, promoting and steamling the work within the organization.
MentoringInformal or formal mentoring of internal or external colleagues.
Staff Leaves and Visits ≥ 2 weeksStaff leaves or visits to other institutions of a 2 week or more duration. These leaves or visits may be opportunities for intellectual growth, professional development, collaboration with research community peers, community support, teaching, or sabbatical. Examples of work include teaching courses or workshops, lecturing, giving tutorials, working with graduate students on dissertation-focused research, student mentoring, collaborative research, and participating in the host institution's outreach to community colleges, minority-serving institutions, and high schools. Examples of programs or policies which support these visits include the UCAR UVISIT program and UCAR Policy 6-11 Leaves of Absence.
Contributions to Individual Graduate Student EducationOur staff serve as Research Advisors and Committee Members for graduate students around the world.
Teaching in University/College ClassroomsOur staff contribute to University/College classroom teaching in a range of roles from adjunct faculty teaching semester long courses to guest lecturers contributing their expertise in class sessions.
Teaching at Workshops/Tutorials/ColloquiaOur staff teach classes in workshops, tutorials, and colloquia to students ranging from model users, to scholars, to fellow researchers.


Lab/Observatory/Program-Level Metrics

Events Hosted by Your ProgramEvents hosted by your program include: colloquium, conference, symposia, tutorial, and workshop
NWSC Walk-in Public VisitorsTotal number of walk-in public visitors per month per fiscal year. CISL Only.
Facility ToursNumber of participants for facility tours organized for a specific organization or group.
Field CampaignsOur geosciences research facilities, instrumentation and field support services support field campaigns around the globe.