Diversity Committee

FY15 NCAR Directorate Diversity Fund Request for Proposals

In FY15, all NCAR Principal Investigators will be eligible to propose for NCAR Directorate Diversity funds in support of diversity projects with an 18-month period of performance and two fiscal years of funding – FY15 and FY16 (up to $23,000 per year; some costs may be front or back-loaded in FY15 or 16 with additional justification). All proposals must include an evaluation component (details below). In FY17, PIs with awards from this FY15 RFP and 18 months of evaluation results may propose for a third year of funding. FY17 proposals will be reviewed and selected based on the proposal narrative, evaluation results, and likelihood of achieving sustaining internal or external funding. In FY17, the NCAR Director of Diversity, Education and Outreach will partner with PIs to apply for and secure future funding for FY18 and beyond.