Directorate Staff Roles

Name Job Title Team Job Duties Extension
Alex Morris Project Analyst NCAR Director’s Office
  • Works with project team members and stakeholders to define project requirements, and maintain them through change Management activities
  • Maintains comprehensive project plans, including Scope, Schedule, and Communications plans
  • Facilitates project meetings through detailed notes and action item determination, agenda development, and whole team engagement activities
  • Assists in the communication of project status to stakeholders via written status reports or oral presentations
  • Contributes to the effort to develop baseline risk assessments; monitors project risks and mitigation plans and prepares risk management summary reports.
  • Serves as liaison with stakeholders to define and analyze business needs, participate in business process reengineering and business process modeling; defines and documents business requirements to support organizational objectives.
  • Consults with IT end users to determine business, functional, and technical requirements for specified applications.
  • Cordinates business requirements, developing, and monitoring project plans and schedules, effectively applying project management methodology and enforcing project standards, managing change control and documentation, facilitating team communication and status reports, driving critical trade-off decisions, and working with project teams made up of division/lab staff, external advisory committees, NCAR Management, and outside vendors.
  • Facilitates UCAR wide listening sessions, and broad/ general communication project status meetings will be needed at the discretion of the project manager. 
Andrea Martinez Contract Management Analyst Budget and Planning
  • NOAA IDIQ Administrator
  • Contract Compliance
  • Scientific and financial reporting to NOAA
  • Collaboration with Labs/Programs in regard to NOAA IDIQ compliance
  • Collaboration with UCAR Contracts department in administrating the NOAA IDIQ
  • Designs and documents features of the proposal and budget software sytem
  • Leads proposal, review, and submission process in response to RFPs
  • Liaison on RFP reviews with UCAR Contracts office and other outside sponsor program officials
Angela Richardson APAR Project Director NCAR Director’s Office
  • Identifies and defines requirements and addresses the needs, concerns, and expectations of stakeholders in planning and executing each project to meet project deliverables.  
  • Assesses project risks, identifies mitigation strategies, and implements project risk management plans.
  • Creates and monitors schedules and milestones.
  • Balances competing project constraints (scope, quality, schedule, budget, resources, risks) and handling change requests.  
  • Develops and implements mechanisms for monitoring and forecasting project progress and for intervention and problem solving with project members and EOL management.
  • Participates and leads, as appropriate, project meetings and monitors day-to-day progress of APAR project.  
  • Identifies, manages, and motivates project team members throughout the lifecycle of the project.
  • Develops and implements communication strategy among stakeholders that is active, effective, and collaborative in nature.
  • Conducts reviews and prepares documentation, correspondence, reports and plans as appropriate.
Charlie Mitchell NCAR Assistant Director of Budget & Planning Budget and Planning
  • Within the NCAR Directorate executive team, develops, assesses impacts of proposed financial and organizational changes
  • At the NCAR level, directs, interprets and implements best practice budget planning and development procedures and guidelines for NCAR in coordination with UCAR offices
  • Directs the analysis of staffing and budget data for institutional statistics and other management reports, including NCAR’s annual Program Operating Plan to NSF
  • Serves as primary NCAR liaison with the UCAR CFO Office on base operating financial processes
  • Oversees the development of financial reports and special projects as determined by the UCAR Director of Budget & Planning
  • Oversees the development and monitoring of the Center’s operating budget, including projections of NSF Base operating carryover; multi-year scientific project encumbrances; and NCAR's reporting to NSF
Chris Davis Deputy Director of NCAR Education and Outreach Advance Study Program
  • Leads the strategic planning for education and outreach for UCAR
  • Develops strategic synergies between current NCAR and UCP education programs and external partner organizations
  • Conceptualizes and implements new programs
  • Directs grant proposal activities and communications with funders
  • Leads and partners with colleagues across the organization
  • Creates student training and workforce development for undergraduate student internships and graduate visitor programs
  • Represents NCAR|UCAR in geoscience education, outreach, workforce development, and diversity
  • Directs the NCAR Advanced Study Program (ASP) program and oversees program management and administration
Domi Colegrove Project Manager II NCAR Director’s Office
  • Partners with NCAR senior leadership personnel (NCAR Director, NCAR Senior Advisor, NCAR Deputy Director, NCAR Assistant Director for Programs and Implementation, and NCAR Senior Project Manager) as required to define project outcomes, project success metrics and criteria, and resource and schedule commitments.
  • Collaborates with and supports the NCAR Director, NCAR Deputy Director, NCAR Assistant Director for Programs and Implementation, and NCAR Senior Project Manager in all aspects of assigned strategic and/or business process programs including requirements development, planning (scope, schedule, and budget), and execution.
  • Facilitates interactions between functional leaders and NCAR staff members involved with projects, NCAR senior leadership, and other stakeholders and/or sponsors to drive successful project outcomes.
  • Establishes strong relationships with program/project sponsor(s) and maintains regular communications on program/project progress.
Everette Joseph NCAR Director NCAR Director’s Office
  • Oversight of NCAR Programs and NSF Funds
  • Strategic and Workforce Development Planning
  • Chief liaison with NSF
  • President’s Council Member
  • Chair of NCAR Executive Committee & Directors’ Committee
  • Exceptions to Policy
Geoff Cheeseman UCAR Director of Budget & Planning Budget and Planning
  • Directs Budget & Planning Office Functions
  • Annual Budget Review (ABR) Process 
  • Budget Liaison with NSF's NCAR Coordination Office
  • NCAR Planning, Budgeting, and Reporting Oversight
  • Program Operating Plan (POP) and Progress Report (POPPR)
  • Budget Policies and Procedures
  • NCAR Directorate Budgets 
  • Oversite of NSF Base Operating Budgets
  • NCAR Business Process Owner for CPM Financial Tools
  • Member of the NCAR Executive Committee & Directors' Committee 
Glen Romine Senior Advisor NCAR Director’s Office
  • Directs the development and implementation of NCAR-wide scientific research and programs, which are deemed critical to achieving related goals and objectives in the NCAR Strategic Plan, NCAR Implementation Plan (IP) and the NCAR Program Operating Plan (POP), POPR, and ABR implementation.
  • Maintains strategic relationships and effective communications with, and is a spokesperson on behalf of NCAR to NCAR’s funding agencies, university communities, UCAR leadership and committees, and is one of NCAR's liaisons to the National Science Foundation
  • Provides leadership and oversight in coordinating the development and implementation of the following NCAR priorities:  the NCAR strategic plan,  NCAR MSI engagement,  the NCAR Plan for Strategic Partnerships; community “hubs” and the science and engineering strategic hiring initiative
James Young Administrative Assistant III NCAR Director’s Office
  • Operations Support
  • Travel
  • Purchasing
  • Human Subjects Committee support
  • Appointment Review Group (ARG) support
  • Special Appointment processing
  • Directorate events
  • Introduction to NCAR event coordinator
  • Meeting and logistics support
  • Administrative team and backup support to Executive Assistants
  • Special projects
KelleeAnne De Simone Administrator NCAR Director’s Office
  • Responsible for managing and assisting the NCAR Deputy Director’s schedule, resolving conflicts and prioritizing key meeting requests.
  • Assists the Deputy Director with communications
  • Makes arrangements, and coordinates meetings for the NCAR Director, Deputy Director, Assistant Director of Administration & Strategic Implementation, and Science Advisors. 
  • Supports the Deputy Director, Lab Administrator, Assistant Director of Administration & Strategic Implementation, Project Management Team, and Administrative Team with varying projects/needs including compiling information for Lab Annual Reports, Program Operating Plans, Proposal Panel Review, and the Annual Budget Review, assisting with account and award management and reporting activities.
  • Responsible for NCAR Directorate’s Office space planning. 
  • Serves as extra support and backup to the NCAR Director’s Executive Assistant.
  • Serves as backup to administrative assistant to include travel for staff and visitors, expense reports in UCAR’s Concur travel software, meeting and event support, document preparation and routine purchasing
  • Administers the NCAR Directorate hiring activities including personnel actions and administration of Directorate human resources functions. 
  • Responsible for implementing UCAR policies and guidelines and serving as an initial point person for exception to policy requests to NCAR President Council members and administers policies for Directorate operations functions.
  • Directorate web content manager and project manager for the Ops, B&P, and NCAR main pages.
  • Partner with content owners to develop, finalize, and implement web specifications, and project and content-life cycle management plans. 
  • Using the current web content management system (CMS) tools, responsible for publishing major and annual documents such as the NCAR Annual Report, NCAR Strategic Plan, Program Operating Plans, Program Operating Plan Progress Reports, Science Highlights, and ABR documentation. 
  • Train and support colleagues in developing and managing team intranet sites.
  • Develops and documents administrative and staff support processes for the Lab and makes procedures and guidance available on internal web pages.
Konnie Phillips Operations Administrator NCAR Director’s Office
  • Administers the NCAR Directorate hiring activities including personnel actions and administration of Directorate human resources functions.  
  • Human Resource and Personnel policy topics
  • Appointment Review Group (ARG) Administrator
  • Human Subjects Research Committee Administrator
  • Creates and implements change management and project management strategies for special projects 
  • Metrics Database Administrator
  • Space Planning Manager
  • Operations budgets and account management
  • Web Content Manager
  • NCAR|UCAR-wide projects
Krista Laursen Assistant Director of Administration and Strategic Implementation NCAR Director’s Office
  • Within the NCAR Directorate executive team, develops, interprets, and implements project management procedures and guidelines for NCAR’s Project Management Office (PMO).
  • At the NCAR level, directs, interprets, and implements best practice project management planning and development procedures and guidelines for NCAR. 
  • Directs the analysis of project management data for institutional statistics and other management reports, including NCAR’s reporting to NSF.
  • Oversees the development of reports and special projects as determined by the NCAR Directorate’s Office.
  • Lead NCAR-wide strategic projects and initiatives with cross-lab and interdisciplinary collaboration.
  • Presents project challenges and statistics to NCAR leadership for understanding and process improvements
  • Gathers, analyzes, and presents data to NSF and non-NSF funders as needed.
  • Coordinates with NCAR Executive Committee on NCAR institutional-level prioritization of NCAR projects.
  • Supervises the NCAR Project Managers.
  • Develop staffing projections for PMO.   
Kristen Aponte Assistant Director for Diversity Equity and Inclusion NCAR Director’s Office
  • Partners with UCAR ODEI, UCAR member institutions, NCAR Education & Outreach, and the broader atmospheric and related science research communities to ensure that NCAR is engaged in DEI activities suitable for a National Center and that complement and extend those of UCAR and the universities.
  • Collaborates with the NCAR Directorate and the Director of NCAR Education and Outreach, as well as UCAR ODEI, to support collaborative education efforts that also promote diversity in student research experiences and professional development opportunities.
  • Serves as a senior advisor, champion and resource to assess, plan, and develop DEI best practices in the NCAR workplace. Partners with NCAR Associate Directors to support, expand, and ensure the integration of DEI into all Laboratory programs
  • Broaden strategic partnerships and maintain external relationships with organizations (e.g. MSIs, HBCUs, HSIs, TCUs, industry groups, etc.) that supply diverse talent across the ecosystem in an effort to ensure NCAR is developing culturally competent scientific research partnerships and pathways to employment at NCAR.
  • Collaborates closely with UCAR ODEI and NCAR Labs to strengthen a culture of inclusion at NCAR, and is responsive to issues raised in the Workplace Culture Surveys and Pulse Surveys.
  • Works with NCAR labs and ODEI to support and build research partnerships with underrepresented communities based on culturally responsive practices.
  • Coordinates with Employee Resource Groups related to DEI to create mechanisms to receive employee input and support grass-roots diversity and education efforts within NCAR. Acts as a trusted partner to all staff on DEI-related issues.


Laura Duggan Budget Analyst I NCAR Director’s Office
  • Performs budget and cost analysis for NCAR direct funding
  • Develops direct funding statistics and management reports. Reviews these reports to anticipate budget problems
  • Under general supervision, develops monthly and annual budget and accounting reports for the Senior Budget Analyst and NCAR Assistant Director for NCAR Budget and Planning
  • Provides information as needed to the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) central budget office


Lorena Luna Medina Program Specialist in DEI and MSI Engagement NCAR Director’s Office
  • Responsible for developing and sustaining strong engagement of Minority Serving Institutions in NCAR research, education and professional development.
  • Cultivates relationships with MSI faculty and students that lead to increased research opportunities for both NCAR and MSIs.
  • Serves as a DEI subject matter expert, having a comprehensive understanding of NCAR DEI related initiatives and programming while also serving NCAR staff and leadership.
  • Mentors NCAR scientific staff on appropriate engagement strategies to work with MSI faculty and students.
  • Works with evaluation experts to collect data and evaluate NCAR programs pertaining to MSI engagemen
  • Works with internship and graduate student programs to broaden participation in atmospheric and related science.
  • Ensures program hiring selection processes are consistent with established best practices in hiring diverse cohorts.
  • Assists with DE&I special projects, as needed
  • Writes collaborative proposals for initiatives that further MSI engagement.
Melinda Arnold Budget & Planning Manager NCAR Director’s Office
  • Review of Sponsor Announcements/RFP's
  • Facilities communication between NCAR and NSF regarding solicitation/announcement eligibility
  • Reviews, approves and submits organization proposals
  • Develops, interprets and implements proposal procedures and guidelines for UCAR in coordination with NCAR Proposal Manager and UCP Sr. Proposal Analyst
  • Kuali Pre-award project lead
  • Designs and documents features of the proposal and budget software system
  • Center of Excellence for Proposals (CoE-P) key staff
  • Manages NCAR internal proposal website 
  • Backup to Valerie Koch
Michael Warren Budget Analysis III NCAR Director’s Office
  • Supports the Assistant Director of Budget Operations and Budget and Planning Director in preparing complex financial analyses.
  • Leads the development of monthly and quarterly budget and accounting reports.
  • Oversees the development of budget and cost analyses and other special projects at the request of the NCAR Director, Deputy Director, and Budget Director.
  • Responsible for providing analysis for the development and monitoring of the NCAR Indirect and Specialized Service Center Cost Rates.
  • Oversees the administration, coordination and preparation of NCAR indirect cost and reimbursement projections to support the NCAR Director’s decision-making.
  • Oversees the lab and program development of spending projections.
  • Develops institutional analyses using Cognos TM1 and Business Intelligence reporting tools.
  • Performs backup functions for Assistant Director of Budget Operations as well as supports other Budget & Planning professional staff on an as needed basis, in particular, when staff are out of the office.
  • Provides information to NSF on an as needed basis, i.e., surveys, audit data, management information reports (MIR).
Molly Killinger APAR Project Manager NCAR Deputy Director Office
  • Provides high-level project management support for the APAR project 
  • Supports the APAR Project Director in directing the efforts of a multi-disciplinary team of scientists, engineers, and support staff as well as several university and industry collaborators 
  • Creates and ensures successful implementation of all planning materials necessary for successful scope, schedule, cost, performance and risk management for the APAR project 
  • Provides Project Management, Communication, and Stakeholder Engagement for the APAR Project
  • Assesses project risks, identifies mitigation strategies, and implements project risk management plans
  • Creates and monitors schedules and milestones
Nathan Aderhold Budget Analyst II NCAR Director’s Office
  • Leads proposal review and submission process for proposals in response to sponsor announcements resulting in grants or cooperative agreements
  • Responsible for review and analysis of proposal budgets, budget justifications, and other proposal components for compliance with UCAR policy and sponsor policies and procedures
  • Corresponds with sponsors’ program officers to clarify eligibility and solicitation requirements
  • Reviews and applies knowledge of sponsor announcements and eligibility, policy and procedure requirements and provides direction to the laboratory
  • Reviews proposals for mission appropriateness and compliance with NCAR/NSF Criteria.  Recommends approval of the NCAR Criteria to the Manager of Proposal Operations and NCAR Deputy Director
Neil Bright Assistant Director of Research IT NCAR Director’s Office
Scott McIntosh Deputy Director NCAR Director’s Office
  • Partners with NCAR Director in developing and implementing strategies for achieving NCAR goals and priorities
  • Strategic and Workforce Development Planning
  • Liaison with NSF
  • President’s Council Member
  • Exceptions to Policy
  • Serves as Acting Director in the Director’s absence
  • Supervises the Advance Study Program Director and the Library Director
  • Reviews ladder-track staff salaries
  • Member of the NCAR Executive Committee & Directors’ Committee
Simmi Sinha Senior Graphic Artist NCAR Director’s Office
  • Designs and updates highly visible and strategic materials to meet communications goals, align with the NCAR's strategic messages, and be brand compliant. These may include brochures, websites, PowerPoint presentations, social media assets, postcards, etc
  • Prioritizes design requests based on visibility and external exposure. Works to find alternate solutions for people with low-priority requests
  • Creates templates and provides guidance for freelancers and others at NCAR tasked with designing organizational materials
  • Reviews finished work from across NCAR for quality, accuracy, and stylistic consistency
Steve Ritter Budget Analyst II NCAR Director’s Office
  • Review of Sponsor Announcements/RFPs
  • Proposal Submission Process
  • Monthly Proposal Report to NSF
  • Monthly Award Report to Deputy Director
  • Chart of Account Review/Approval
  • Incremental Requests
  • Revised Budgets
  • NSF Progress Reports - IA Funding (backup)
Susan Chavez Executive Assistant NCAR Director’s Office
  • Executive administration support to the Director
  • Director’s calendar
  • Director’s Travel
  • All Director signature and approval requests
  • Confidential communications
  • Agenda Management for NCAR Executive Committee, NCAR Directors’ Committee and UCAR Board of Trustee’s Budget and Programs Committee
  • Backup to NCAR Deputy Director Executive Assistant