2016 NCAR Day of Networking & Discovery

The 2016 NCAR Day of Networking and Discovery was held on Friday, April 22, 2016.

The agenda is listed below.



Agenda - NCAR Day of Networking and Discovery

Center Green Auditorium        22 April 2016
 TimeRoom SouthRoom CenterRoom North
0815James Hurrell Video IntroductionJames HurrellVideo IntroductionJames HurrellVideo Introduction
0830J.F. LamarqueBuilding the Community Earth System Model, Version 2.0Kathleen MillerWater Policy in a Changing Climate: Insights from the US WestJielun SunAir-Sea Interactions in Light of New Understanding of Air-Land Interactions
0900Andreas PreinMechanisms of U.S. Wide Intensification of Hourly Precipitation ExtremesArthur MizziAdvances in Assimilation of Atmospheric Composition ObservationsStephen YeagerMechanisms Underpinning Skillful Decadal Prediction in the North Atlantic
0930Simone Tilmes, Ben Sanderson and Brian O’Neill Climate Impacts of Geoengineering in a Delayed Action ScenarioJanine AquinoEmbracing Reproducible Research in the Age of Digital InformationMarla Meehl Local Area, Metropolitan Area, and Wide Area Networking
1030Andy NewmanA New Station Based Precipitation and Temperature Dataset over the United StatesScotty McClainPerspectives from the Pilot’s Seat: NCAR’s Aviation on a MissionMike DanielsCloud Hosted Real-time Data Services for the Geosciences
1100Yangyang XuHow Does Air Pollution and Climate Affect Each Other? Mausumi DikpatiOn forecasting "Seasons of the Sun"Pedro Jimenez Munoz Improving WRF for Solar Power Forecasting: the WRF-Solar Model
1130John OrlandoCommunity Atmospheric Chemistry InstrumentationHaiyan Teng Heat Waves and Climate ChangeCarl SchmittThe Forgotten Glaciers: Anthropogenic Impacts on Andean Glaciers
1200Lunch - CG Lobby
1300Stan SolomonCurrent Events in the Ionosphere Kevin TrenberthE-I-E-I-O Earth Institute for Energy Imbalance and the OceanMatthias Steiner Unmanned Aerial Vehicles – Scientific Opportunities for NCAR
1330David HartA New Climate Model Analysis Platform at NCAR Craig Schwartz A Real-time Convection-allowing Ensemble Prediction System Aixue Hu Impact of Solar Panels on Global Climate
1400Katherine Dickinson and Christine WiedinmyerCooking Behaviors and their Local to Regional Air Quality ImpactsSarah Gibson Data-Optimized Coronal Field Model: An HAO-CISL CollaborationDorit HammerlingClimate Data Compression: a multi-disciplinary approach
1430Coffee Break
1500Mathias RempelSimulating the Solar Corona in a Parallel Universe Having a Reduced Speed of Light Rajesh KumarAn International Network of Air Quality Prediction SystemsMariana VertensteinCommon Infrastructure for Modeling the Earth
1530Michael Mills, Andrew Gettleman, Jeff Stith Using Volcanoes to Find Answers for Future ClimateSteven Tomczyk Large Coronagraph for Solar Coronal Magnetic Field StudiesAubrey DuggerAll Water, Everywhere, All the Time: The New National Water Model
1600May WongConvective-scale Precipitation Forecasts from a Global Variable- resolution ModelAllison BakerEnsemble Consistency Testing: a New Form of Quality AssuranceHannah PalmerGet Involved! An Introduction to The GLOBE International Scientists' Network
1630Reception - CG Lobby