2017 NCAR Day of Networking & Discovery

The 2017 NCAR Day of Networking and Discovery was held on Friday, April 28, 2017.

The agenda is listed below. 

Agenda - NCAR Day of Networking and Discovery

Center Green Auditorium        28 April 2017
TimeBay 1 - SOUTHBay 2 - CENTERBay 3 - NORTH
0845 James HurrellIntroduction 
0900Kate FossellStorm Surge Predictability (or lack thereof)Ricky EgelandThe Great American EclipseLaura PanInsight into the Tropical Atmosphere from the NCAR Gulfstream V
0930Pam HillHigh Performance Storage InfrastructureTerry HockTwenty five years of NCAR Dropsonde in Service to Science and OperationsColin ZarzyckiCapturing Extreme Weather with Next-Generation Climate Models


1030Phil OakleyCubesats: Future Observing PlatformsMary BarthThunderstorms and Atmospheric Composition: A Meeting of Cloud Physics, Dynamics, Lightning, and ChemistryThomas AuligneThe Joint Center for Satellite Data Assimilation Spearheading an Effort to Bridge Research and Operations
1100Mary HaydenEmergence of Zika and other Climate-Sensitive Viruses in the AmericasDave GillOn Interoperability Versus Inoperability: The Importance of syllables in Software DesignBritt StephensOxygen and Carbon above the Southern Ocean
1130Tim ScheitlinAugmented and Virtual Reality Applications for ScienceChanghai LiuConvection Permitting Modeling of North American ClimateJanice CoenData-Driven Methods to Improve Fire Detection and Prediction

Lunch - CG Lobby Must RSVP

1300Christine ShieldsGoing with the Flow: How will Atmospheric Rivers Change in the Future?Louis LussierAirborne Phased Array RadarEric ApelAround the World in 25 Days: Mapping Global Atmospheric Composition
1330Bidya Binay KarakThe Sun's Vows of Silence: Cause and RecoverySophie HouJoin DASH! Help Your Scientific Results Live LongerTammy WeckwerthClues to the Initiation of Nocturnal Convection
1400Scott McIntoshSolar Rossby Waves, Declining Activity and Solar Cycle DateEthan GutmannA Simplified Atmopsheric Model for High-Resolution Climate ApplicationsMatt MayernikData Citation and Its Impact


1500Jeff WeberUnidata in the Cloud: A Vision for Future Data ServicesPeter HitchcockA Mechanism for the Recent Disruption of the Quasi-Biennial OscillationBranko KosovicAdvancements in Operational Wildland Fire Prediction
1530Sara PaullPredicting Interannual Variation in the West Nile Virus RiskJames DoneDoes it Pay to Build to Code in Florida?Qian WuObserving Space Weather in the Earth's Atmosphere

Reception - CG Lobby